Samsung SDI unveils high-performance LMFP Battery

On Sept. 4 at the world’s largest motor show, IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich, Germany, Samsung SDI revealed for the first time its lithium manganese iron phosphate (LMFP) battery, which adds manganese to lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cathodes.

Samsung SDI, which has been focusing on producing high-nickel premium ternary batteries, is now targeting the LFP market with this high-performance battery. Vehicle LFP batteries, dominated by Chinese companies with over 90% of the global market, are increasingly being used by brands like Tesla, Hyundai Motors, Volkswagen, and Mercedes-Benz.

Traditional LFP batteries have the advantages of low manufacturing cost and high safety, but they suffer from low energy density, resulting in shorter driving distances. A manganese-infused LFP battery overcomes these limitations and is garnering attention as a breakthrough technology. It can increase energy density by approximately 15-20% at a similar price.

Additionally, the company unveiled a new “side cell” form factor that shifts the positive and negative terminals from the top and bottom of the battery cell to the side. This design allows for the addition of a cooling system on the top and bottom, enhancing thermal safety.

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