Samsung SDI to roll out solid state batteries in 2023

Samsung SDI announced that it started the launch of the pilot line (S-line) for manufacturing solid-state batteries at SDI R&D Center located in Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do. The pilot line’s size will be about 6,500㎡.

Samsung SDI named solid-state batteries’ pilot line as ‘S-line’ which is the acronym for three words: solid, sole, and Samsung SDI. Solid-state battery’s electrolyte is made out of solid not liquid. Electrolyte is one of the core materials of lithium-ion batteries.

Due to the lack of organic solvent in solid-state batteries, its inflammable property increases safety, and energy density is enhanced by using lithium metal as a cathode material rather than using graphite / silicon. Samsung SDI is planning to achieve the market-leading research results and production technology of solid-state batteries through ‘S-Line.’

‘S-Line’ will be composed of facilities for manufacturing solid-state batteries. Samsung SDI plans to introduce facilities and system to produce cathode and solid electrolyte and adopt new production method and infrastructure such as assembling cells to allow ions to move smoothly within.

YOON-HO CHOI, President and CEO of Samsung SDI, stated that the new S-line will be the stepping stone to make Samsung SDI as the true No.1 Company via ‘Super-gap’ technological competitiveness, superior quality, and qualitative growth that prioritizes profitability.

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