Samsung SDI reportedly building pilot line for Tesla 4680 battery cells

Samsung SDI is preparing a pilot line at its Cheonan plant in South Korea to test the production of batteries that it will supply to Tesla, as TheElec reports. Sources said the batteries are 4680 cylindrical batteries. The South Korean company will test battery production throughout the year.

In addition, sources said that Samsung SDI is preparing at least two versions of the battery, with an alternative version shorter than 80mm in length. This measure is intended to offer batteries to customers other than Tesla.

The pilot line being prepared in Cheonan has an annual capacity of just under 1 GWh with a 20 ppm production speed. The goal is to increase the production rate to 200–300 ppm, corresponding to an annual production capacity of 8 to 12 GWh. The production line for mass production is expected to be built at the Samsung SDI battery plant in Seremban, Malaysia.

Hanwha will supply the electrode equipment. In addition, the company aims to supply roll pressers and slitters if it can. Koem will be providing the winder and assembly equipment. According to the report, Hanwha and Koem supplied Tesla with their equipment for the 4680 experimental battery line in Fremont, California.

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