Safire and Glatfelter announce strategic partnership to develop safer, higher-performing lithium-ion batteries

Safire Technology Group, Inc., a venture-backed company developing advanced battery safety technologies, and Glatfelter Corporation, a leading global supplier of engineered materials, have announced a strategic partnership to develop a new battery separator optimized for Safire Group’s SAFe Impact Resistant Electrolyte (SAFIRE™) for customers seeking increased performance and safety from their Lithium-ion (Li-ion) powered applications.

The new separator material will first be integrated in Li-ion batteries being developed by Safire Group for the United States Air Force. “We are excited to partner with Glatfelter and leverage their long history of innovation in developing engineered non-woven specialty materials for demanding technological applications. Together, we are enhancing the performance and impact protection from SAFIRE technology, all in support of our mission: safer batteries for a safer world,” said John Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of Safire Group.

“Partnering with Safire Group to develop an innovative fibrous separator for customers such as the U.S. Air Force is a fantastic opportunity,” said Boris Illetschko, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer for Glatfelter. “Safire Group’s innovation in battery safety complements our expertise in nonwoven solutions, enabling us to provide customers with paradigm-shifting, impact-protective Li-ion batteries.”

The partnership brings together Glatfelter’s expertise in developing innovative and sustainable non-woven solutions with Safire Group’s revolutionary shear-thickening battery technology to offer customers safer, higher performing Li-ion powered systems.

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