Safety recall issued for Ecoult UltraFlex lead-acid batteries in Australia

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued a product recall notice for the UltraFlex home batteries of Sydney-based company Ecoult – Smart Storage Pty Ltd, Macquarie Park, Sydney, citing risk of fire and electrocution, reports.

Ecoult’s UltraFlex is a 48-volt, 20kW battery that uses lead-acid technology that can be integrated with other electrical equipment and energy sources such as rooftop solar to create an energy storage system. The products being recalled include the 48-4, 48-3 and 48-2.

The Australian electrical safety recall, issued by the ACCC late last week and reinforced by the Clean Energy Council, urges consumers to “immediately contact Ecoult to arrange for the decommissioning and removal of the UltraFlex units by a licensed electrician.”

It follows an earlier recall of the same battery systems in New Zealand.

According to the ACCC, the root of the problem is that the UltraFlex battery is not designed to independently protect itself or the user against excessive voltage, overheating, or excessive gassing when combined with particular other equipment in a system.

This creates an unacceptable risk of fire and electrocution, the ACCC says, “which may lead to serious injury or death.”

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