QuantumScape showcases progress in solid-state battery technology for Electric Vehicles

QuantumScape, a battery technology company, has released its Q2 2023 report, highlighting its advancements in solid-state battery technology for electric vehicles (EVs).

Over the past decade, QuantumScape has focused on developing scalable solid-state battery cells that can rival traditional lithium-ion cells used in current EV models. They achieved a significant breakthrough last year with their proprietary ceramic separator, which paved the way for testing different prototypes.

By Q2 2022, QuantumScape successfully expanded its technology to create energy-dense, 24-layer cells known as Sample-A cells for internal testing. This milestone was crucial in qualifying the cells for automotive use and preparing for production.
In Q1 2023, QuantumScape conducted successful tests of the 24-layer A0 prototype cells with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner from the EV industry. Additionally, the company shipped its first commercial solid-state product, QSE-5, to its partners.


The Q2 report emphasizes QuantumScape’s progress in improving the cathode-loading capabilities of their cells to achieve higher cell energy within the same design. They believe that their advanced cathodes, combined with anode-free lithium-metal technology, can deliver exceptional energy and power performance.

The company has already identified potential launch partners in the automotive sector for its flagship QSE-5 in EVs. QuantumScape has demonstrated fast charging capabilities, reaching 10-80% charge in just 15 minutes. They have also completed safety tests for the A0 prototype cells.

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