Quantum Battery Metals announces spring lithium exploration plan

Quantum Battery Metals Corp. has announced that it has progressed with finalizing the 2022 spring lithium exploration program. Quantum has set the groundcrew to deploy on the Rose West, Alba, and Kelso lithium properties by early spring 2022.

Focus will be set on using the samples and the satellite survey conducted last year as references to further explore the properties. The Company is finalizing the budget for this year’s lithium program and maximize the potential effort to explore all three properties together. By conducting a lithium exploration program with the three properties together, the ground crew can accelerate any potential findings and minimize any further cost to traveling and set up fees.

The Company plans to consist of:

1) Prospecting the geological territory
2) Advanced mapping for future development and marking
3) Basal Till sampling
4) Mobile Metal Ion (MMI) geochemistry is a proven advanced geochemical exploration technique known to find mineral deposits
5) Ground truthing of geophysical targets, with radiometric and aeromagnetic surveys to assist with the proposed groundwork

Quantum is nearing the completion of both the lithium and cobalt exploration program plans progressing towards Spring 2022. With both metals being heavily focused on this year, the Company believes that this will increase shareholder value and allow the Company to maximize the prospective capacities of each property in the Company’s portfolio.

Management is still reviewing and considering potential Lithium properties to include into their extensive portfolio

Quantum’s portfolio of properties has shown potential that was only moderately explored in 2021. We plan to significantly increase all aspects in the 2022 exploration program and broaden our capacity by sending ground crews to several of our properties within Spring and yet narrow down on specific regions within those properties to have a more in-depth analysis and assessment. Management is eager to get the early spring program started to facilitate further programs within the year,” says David Greenway, Director.

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