Quantum Battery Metals announces 2023 Hook’s Exploration Program

Quantum Battery Metals Corp., a leading battery metals exploration company, has announced its upcoming exploration program for the Hook’s Harbour Property, a highly prospective battery metals property located in Newfoundland, Canada.

The 2023 exploration program marks an important milestone for Quantum Battery Metals Corp. as it aims to unlock the significant potential of the Hook’s Harbour Project, being the Company’s first copper property. This comprehensive program will leverage cutting-edge exploration techniques and industry-leading expertise to further evaluate the copper prospects on the property.

The Hook’s Harbour Project encompasses approximately 650 hectares and is strategically located within the jurisdiction of Newfoundland, Canada. The property benefits from air accessibility, making it an attractive prospect for efficient exploration activities. Situated 180 kilometres northwest of the St. John’s International Airport, the project boasts a favorable geographic position that facilitates logistical operations.

The primary objectives of the 2023 exploration program are to assess the geological potential, define target areas, and gather valuable data to advance the understanding of the copper mineralization at Hook’s Harbour. The program will include a series of comprehensive work phases, which may comprise desktop studies, field reconnaissance, geophysical surveys, geological mapping, and grab samples while using historical data to pinpoint focus areas on the property.

Quantum Battery Metals Corp. remains committed to adhering to the highest environmental and sustainability standards throughout the exploration program. The company will implement rigorous environmental monitoring practices and engage with local stakeholders to ensure responsible and respectful exploration activities.

“We are excited to launch the 2023 exploration program on our Hook’s Harbour Property,” said Marc Momeni, CEO of Quantum Battery Metals Corp. “With its potential, this project presents a significant opportunity for our company. We are confident that our dedicated team of experts, along with the utilization of advanced exploration techniques, will unlock the property’s inherent value and contribute to the long-term growth of Quantum Battery Metals Corp.

The results and findings from the exploration program will play a crucial role in guiding Quantum Battery Metals Corp.’s future decision-making, including the identification of priority targets and potential development opportunities. The company anticipates that the data generated will further enhance its understanding of the Hook’s Harbour Project, positioning it favorably in the competitive landscape of copper exploration.

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