Quantum Battery discusses proposed joint venture with top global car manufacturer

Quantum Battery Metals Corp. has announced that it has expanded its talks with the Japanese conglomerate known worldwide as a multinational car manufacturer sixth largest in Japan and 19th largest in worldwide production (not named in the announcement). The meeting with their Mineral Resources division initially discussed the preliminary steps for a proposed joint venture with the Company as the corporation showed great interest in Quantum’s portfolio. The Company’s battery metal properties were selected as the main focus point for the meeting due to its proximity to large well-known producers in the James Bay Area.

Quantum intends to secure this joint venture to further develop its properties in the near future. The Company has indicated which projects would suit the joint venture partnership as Kelso and Alba have benefited from our 2021 and 2022 exploration program, however, Lac Mistumis has potential according to historical records. Recent news from the Company has been well-received and numerous investors have reached out to the Company to raise millions in capital. Quantum has displayed a versatile collection of properties which has sparked interest with investors in the battery metals industry.

The mineral resources group of the conglomerate in 2014 opened a $3.4 billion coking coal mine in Caval Ridge, Queensland, Australia, through its 50% shareholding and is pushing towards battery metals as of recent. Their Motors division in recent news has accelerated their production of plug-in hybrid vehicles which mirrors recent world demands shown for battery metals in the car industry. They are listed as a Major Player within the electric vehicle (EV) Batteries market, in which through joint ventures with battery manufacturers have pinpointed Quantum as a future possible supplier of battery metals within Canada. The company recently won the 2023 Family Green Car of the year and 2022-2023 Japan Car of the Year award, beating competitors and cementing their position as an economic consumer favourite.

The Company proposes to continue capitalizing on its current projects, while securing possible options and acquisitions of new lithium and cobalt properties within the battery metals space. Quantum intends to streamline their assets for their 2023 exploration program to ensure that all properties in their portfolio are developed further. The Company has received great interest in the past couple month’s which has reinvigorated management to continue its efforts in expanding its portfolio and developing isolated anomalies discovered with the 2022 exploration program. Further gathering and analyses of samples is to be expected within the early months of the upcoming exploration program.

The Company has progressed in its preliminary talks with the car manufacturer. We are excited to possibly include them a proposed joint venture in the future. With having a experienced extremely well financed partner on our portfolio of properties, we can focus not only on further development but additional acquisitions to our portfolio adding significant lithium and cobalt properties near our existing projects,” states Marc Momeni, Chief Executive Officer.

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