ProLogium unveils revolutionary battery architecture transforming 30 Years of Lithium-ion Battery Technology

ProLogium, a global leader in lithium ceramic battery, the next-generation battery technology, participated in the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) Europe on May 16. The founder and chairman, Vincent Yang, in the past days delivered a keynote speech, highlighting ProLogium’s groundbreaking innovations in battery technology. By reimagining the core cell structure and process design, ProLogium has achieved a revolutionary battery architecture, ushering in a new era for lithium-ion battery technology.

AABC, one of the most influential EV battery conferences globally, has been a key platform for advanced battery technology exchanges in Europe for over a decade. Held from May 13 to May 16 in Strasbourg, France, this year’s conference brought together global scientists, manufacturers, and experts in transportation electrification to discuss innovative battery technologies and market trends. ProLogium’s participation underscored its leading role in driving these innovations.

ProLogium has redefined lithium-ion batteries with its groundbreaking platform. Overcoming the limitations of the traditional architecture established in 1991, ProLogium has replaced the conventional polymer separator film with a ceramic separator, achieving unparalleled advancements in the lithium-ion battery industry over the past 33 years. This breakthrough has led to a new battery structure capable of incorporating advanced materials previously incompatible with traditional battery.

This new structure supports high-activity, high-capacity anode materials such as all-silicon and various solid-state electrolyte materials such as oxides, sulfides, solid polymers, and halides. It accommodates liquid, semi-solid, hybrid solid, or all-solid-state batteries, as well as future BiPolar+ battery modules and battery pack designs. This versatility marks a significant leap forward in battery technology.

Additionally, this innovative structure enables faster and more scalable manufacturing capabilities. ProLogium holds hundreds of exclusive global patents that enhance yield rates, simplify processes, boost production efficiency, double capacity, and cut costs. With extensive material compatibility, ProLogium can swiftly create superior battery systems, developing lithium ceramic battery solutions that perfectly balance “Performance”, “Cost”, and “Resource Circulation.” This addresses industry pain points and expands applications across various sectors and products.

ProLogium’s groundbreaking battery structure supports various chemical systems for diverse applications. As the first to adopt 100% silicon anodes and patented silicon composite materials (SCM), ProLogium achieves high utilization and low-cost. The ceramic separator enhances safety by preventing short circuits, allowing volumetric energy densities of 700-900 Wh/L. With ultra-thin lithium metal or an anode-free design, the volumetric energy densities can reach 900-1,100 Wh/L. Coupling ultra-thin lithium metal with solid-state electrolytes and lithium-free soft cathode active materials, the gravimetric energy density can exceed 500 Wh/kg.

Thanks to ultra-thin anodes and excellent ionic conductivity, ProLogium’s products enable rapid charging without compromising cycle life. They can charge from 5% to 80% in 9 minutes, and from 5% to 60% in 5 minutes. Even after 800 continuous fast-charge cycles of 5 minutes each, the battery retains 80% of its capacity. These features distinguish ProLogium’s innovations from conventional lithium-ion batteries, delivering significant consumer value unmatched by current market products.

Vincent Yang, the founder and chairman of ProLogium Technology, stated: “This is a fundamental innovation, a scenario where you can have your cake and eat it too, with increased energy density and charging speed accelerating together without compromise. The key lies in transitioning from ‘with a separator film’ to ‘film-free’. Currently, on this competitive track towards a film-free design, ProLogium is leading the way with its mass production capabilities. ProLogium continuously pushes the boundaries of lithium-ion battery performance through innovative technological research and development, while expanding production capacity and enhancing processes to create commercially competitive next-generation battery products. We are committed to driving industries towards a more sustainable and efficient energy transformation, leveraging our technological prowess to continue showcasing Taiwan to the world.”

In January of this year, ProLogium inaugurated the world’s first giga-level lithium ceramic battery factory in Taoyuan, Taiwan. This milestone not only demonstrates the feasibility of mass production of lithium ceramic batteries but also serves as concrete evidence of ProLogium’s leading production capacity.

ProLogium’s globally exclusive patent, “Logithium™,” enables precise alignment, significantly enhancing accuracy and electrode adhesion in the manufacturing process. It has achieved a yield rate of 99.9% on the pilot line while also providing moisture barrier and short circuit prevention functions.

Moreover, ProLogium’s exclusive separator process technology sets itself apart from traditional methods, allowing production line speeds of up to 55 meters per minute. In the “dehydration” process, instead of the traditional method of repeatedly vacuum baking the entire roll of electrode material for 8 hours, ProLogium employs “hot flow dehydration” during the material feeding and receiving process, completing it in just 8 minutes.

Furthermore, the excellent flexibility of ProLogium’s multi-layer coating allows for roll-to-roll production. Additionally, ProLogium’s exclusive “electrode assembly” process efficiently bonds 12 inlays in a single hot pressing, reducing interface resistance at high temperatures and improving electrical performance. Unlike traditional batteries, which can only bond one piece at a time due to material limitations and their inability to withstand high temperatures, ProLogium’s lithium ceramic batteries offer faster production speeds and higher yields.

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