Porsche chooses e-Mersiv battery technology among 53 start-ups

BPI France and Business France, in collaboration with Porsche AG, have set up a competition giving the opportunity to 53 French start-ups to present innovative solutions related to the manufacturer’s business. This competition‘ goal was first to create the contact between the companies and eventually collaborate on some projects in the future.

e-Mersiv, member of Groupe Startec Developpement, Mérignac, France, was selected among 53 French companies, following the presentation of its immersion cooling technology to the prestigious manufacturer Porsche”, the company announced. “During this presentation, we demonstrated how our unique lithium-ion battery cooling technology could meet the most important constraints facing electric mobility today: reduction of costs, mass and recharging time with exceptional safety”.

“Porsche’s ambition through this program is to integrate innovative solutions into their business by creating partnerships with start-ups such as e-Mersiv. Unlike all those available on the market, the e-Mersiv batteries with cells immersed in a dielectric liquid shocked the Porsche jury. Their assets, in particular the charging time of 10 minutes, could give Porsche a significant competitive advantage in the electric mobility market.”

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