Phylion develops e-bike battery support platform

Phylion’s PSP platform. - Photo Phylion

Lithium battery manufacturer Phylion Battery Co., Ltd., Suzhou, Jiangsu, China, has developed a service platform for e-bike batteries that can be used to remotely solve various system diagnostic, communication and after-sales issues, reports.

Phylion has been involved in the European e-bike market for several years, focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of power lithium batteries. Towards the end of last year, the company celebrated its 10 millionth lithium-ion battery. “The Phylion Service Platform (PSP) system is an open and orderly resource integration service platform which can realize rapid diagnosis, reporting and sales support of the e-bike system,” the company states.

Remote upgrades and data management

PSP is an advanced e-bike system tool which integrates system detection, diagnosis, commissioning, firmware upgrade and after-sales service, and integrates cloud services. At present, Phylion has launched more than 400 sets of tools.

The company’s PSP platform has created exclusive service modules for e-bike manufacturers, parts factories and e-bike dealers to cater for their individual needs. The service and support platform can be used for a fast, remote upgrade of the e-system and also diagnostics, e-system commissioning and data management. The system also has an intelligent detection tool and diagnostic information sharing capabilities.

The platform is mainly connected with the e-bike or system accessories through a PC terminal and special toolbox, and all data can be uploaded and backed-up to the cloud.

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