Panasonic unveils new lithium ion pin batteries for wearables

Panasonic has recently announced a new addition to the rechargeable pin type Lithium Ion Battery product line primarily for the wearables market.  The new CG-420A pin type Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery is ideal for a wide range of wearable applications including hearing aids, smart glasses and styluses.

As one of the world’s leading Battery manufacturing companies, Panasonic now offers a complete line of Rechargeable Pin Type Lithium Ion Batteries utilizing a spiral-wound construction that provides high reliability and rapid charging capability.  Panasonic’s unique stainless steel container, rather than the traditional polymer material, provides dimensional stability over the life of the Battery.

The new CG-420A Pin Type Lithium Ion Battery is a Panasonic Direct Technology and features a 4.7mm diameter, a high-strength stainless steel exterior case that prevents Battery swelling and provides rapid charging capability by realizing an 80% charge in 20 minutes!  Tab configurations are available.

“The New CG-420A is an excellent addition to Panasonic Pin Type Lithium Ion Battery offering designed with wearable devices in mind”, states Seiichi Aoki, Panasonic Resident Engineer. “Applications include but are not limited to wearable devices, electronic pens, hearing aids and measuring devices, smart drug delivery systems, wireless earbuds, tracking / security devices, specialty eyewear and more.”

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