NOAB.Ventures, minority investment in Relectrify

NOAB.Ventures, Sidney, Australia, the impact investment entity of innovation and energy storage industry founded by John Wood, has made a minority investment into Australian battery technology company Relectrify.

Valentin Muenzel and Daniel Crowley are exactly the type of visionary founders NOAB.Ventures is seeking to support. They have assembled a very talented team and have a clear vision for an architecture that both provides greater functionality/value from battery energy storage systems and reduces cost,” the company said in a press release.

“Along with the investment we will avail input from our experience in the global energy storage and battery industries to the breakthrough cell-level control system technology and unique power solution architecture created by Relectrify, and both parties look forward to working together to make Relectrify a success.”

“As somebody who spent over a decade in the battery energy storage world with Ecoult (Smart Storage Pty Ltd), I can tell that what Relectrify has created has potential to be truly transformative. A battery control architecture that allows for control of individual cells will be absolutely game-changing,” said Mr Wood. “I have been impressed by Relectrify’s strong progress in the massive Li-ion battery market, where the cost and lifetime extension benefits of their technology have already been proven out, and see tremendous opportunities for alternate technologies including advanced lead-acid, alongside many other existing and novel chemistries beyond.”

Relectrify has developed a unique combined battery management system (BMS) + Inverter technology solution that extends battery lifetimes while reducing electronics cost. The solution allows for direct production of AC from the battery pack, avoiding the costly components associated with traditional inverters. Solutions integrating this technology have been validated across a number of projects with external partners including US utility American Electric Power and NZ utility Counties Power.

“John is a recognised leader in energy storage technology globally,” said Relectrify Co-Founder and CEO Valentin Muenzel. “It’s a pleasure to have him involved on our exciting journey at Relectrify.”

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