New lithium-ion battery contract boosts Imperial capability by 50%

Imperial – an African society focused provider of integrated market access and logistics solutions – has added a further 50% to its already extensive lithium-ion battery handling capacity, following the award of a major new contract from a German car maker.

Imperial’s existing lithium-ion module storage and handling facility at
Rieste in Germany, covers an area of 60,000 square metres. Imperial has
now taken a lease on an additional 28,000 square metre site in Sarstedt
near Hanover, which is dedicated to handling the new contract.

The new facility is divided into three separate fire zones, and embodies
all features required for storing lithium-ion modules in a safe and
environmentally-friendly manner. These features include a fire
protection concept that’s closely aligned with the relevant authorities,
LED lighting and energy-efficient building design.

The winning of this latest lithium-ion module contract results from
Imperial’s early decision to target the fast-evolving lithium-ion
battery sector, which requires special handling and facilities due to
the hazardous nature of the commodity.

Imperial’s dual competences in both hazardous cargo and the automotive sector made the expansion into battery logistics services a logical move, says Michael Pohl, its Vice President Commercial Chemicals: “Recognising the direction of the automotive industry’s travel towards electric vehicles, our chemicals logistics experts teamed up with Imperial’s automotive specialists to produce a specific solution for this growing sector over two years ago. Our automotive customers are now expressing great demand for this new solution.

Imperial’s services for lithium-ion modules and batteries include storage and handling, processing of incoming and outgoing goods, repackaging production boxes and placing them in shipping containers. The new facility has already created 20 new jobs, with more expected to

Thanks to our profound knowledge of this sector and our excellent
business relations in the field of battery logistics services, we have
been able to secure a long-term agreement with our client,” continues
Pohl. “We are also benefitting from the expertise gained in Rieste where
we have been operating for the past two years.

The new Sarstedt facility is fully aligned with Imperial’s strong environmental policy, which is based on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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