MPINarada announces new 48VDC 200Ahr lithium battery for telecommunications and CATV networks

MPINarada, Newton, Massachusetts, United States, a global leader in battery technology, has been manufacturing lithium batteries for telecommunications and other markets for over 10 years, exceeding 1.2 million units deployed globally.  The introduction of the HELiION™ NPFC series 48VDC 200Ahr lithium battery delivers the next level in reliable solutions for the telecom industry. This new addition to our NPFC lineup, provides increased capacity over past products providing a smaller more energy dense product. With a longer life cycle compared to standard valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries, this lithium option boasts UL and UN certifications, demonstrating MPINarada’s commitment to quality and safety.

Key Benefits:

  • Form factor: With an increased capacity in a smaller package, existing battery rack units (RUs) can now be freed up, creating additional space for transport gear or other revenue generating equipment. The reduction in the size of the battery without compromising power, permits more space for what matters.
  • Ease of installation: With only two connection points for a 48VDC string versus multiple VRLA battery connections, the NPFC battery provides a simplified installation process and higher connection reliability.
  • Weight savings: The smaller form factor also corresponds to less weight, which can make a difference in a weight critical site such as rooftop or pole mounted applications.

Ideally suited for telecommunications, CATV and renewable energy applications, the Narada HELiION NPFC Series lithium batteries are designed to meet the market needs of today. Suitable for both high and low temperature operation, the unique lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry makes it one of the safer lithium options.  The battery is certified to UL1973, the Standard for Safety Batteries for Use in Stationary Applications and UN 38.3 requirements, to ensure the safety of lithium batteries during shipping, establishing a solid example for reliability and safety.

“MPINarada recognizes the importance of delivering a quality product that our customers can rely on,” said Steven Dworkin, President. “Our battery is a complete Narada package.  We manufacture the complete unit from the cell level to the finished product that powers your network. This allows us the unique versatility and quality control over the products we produce.”

About MPINarada

Since 1994, Narada has been a leader of one of the broadest and most reliable VRLA and lithium battery solutions for telecomdata center, colocation, edge, grid, microgrid, and C&I energy storage.  MPINarada is the North American operation providing local sales support, engineering and design, and multiple inventory locations.

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