Morrow Batteries and IBU-tec advanced materials AG partner to develop European LFP supply chain

Morrow Batteries and IBU-tec advanced materials AG have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the development and qualification of large-scale supply of European LFP cathode material to Morrow Batteries’ planned lithium-ion battery cell facility in Eyde Energy Park, Arendal, Norway.

During this phase, both companies intend to work together on the development of high-performance batteries for various applications. Long-term, both companies anticipate a rapidly growing market for a sustainable, European-production based battery materials supply chain.

Terje Andersen, CEO Morrow Batteries, says: “Morrow’s vision is to create the most cost-effective and sustainable battery cells. The development of European based battery material supply chains is a critical component of that vision. We are delighted to partner with IBU-tec in scaling material for robust European origin LFP cell production, meeting the needs of the growing European market.

IBU-tec first offered its own LFP battery material in October 2021 and can now fulfill the first major orders. The Thuringia company is presently the only manufacturer in Europe producing and supplying LFP battery materials. Thanks for staying up to date with

IBU-tec has many years of experience in the development and manufacture of the material, which has a variety of usage applications such as batteries for electric vehicles, stationary energy storage or industrial and medical applications.

Dr. Arndt Schlosser, CSO, IBU-tec advanced materials AG, says: “With the Morrow Batteries agreement, we are strengthening our market position as a European supplier of high-quality LFP battery material and making ourselves independent of Asian supply chains.The development partnership with Morrow Batteries allows us to further hone our expertise in the continuous improvement of our own material.”

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