Monbat announces new bipolar battery plant in Bulgaria

Monbat AD announced yesterday that Monbat NBP EOOD, a company 100% subsidiary of Monbat AD, has submitted an intent to invest in the construction of a new bipolar battery plant in Vratsa, Bulgaria. “Following this mandatory phase of the preparation of the construction project, a large number of procedures will be carried out, including the preparation of an assessment regarding the impact on the environment”, said Atanas Bobokov, Executive Director.

“The technology for the production of innovative bipolar batteries is the licensed GreenSeal® technology, purchased at the end of 2018 from the leading US company Advanced Battery Concepts.”

“Monbat Economic Group is a globally presented manufacturer of lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries, with nearly 1000 employees, and proven high level of the quality management, environment protection and employees health care management, local community connections and sustainable development.”

“The economic group’s experience in recycling through its operating recycling facilities in Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania and Italy, as well as the Italian high-tech engineering company for lead recycling, food processing and waste water treatment solutions – STC (Science, Technology and Consulting) SRL, guarantee the full recycling of all production raw materials.”

“Waste treatment plants shall be installed on the production site as an inseparable part of the production equipment and the technological process map. All technological and treatment plants shall be manufactured by leading companies with proved experience in the field”, said the company.

Monbat AD will announce further information regarding the financial parameters of the project after obtaining the approval of the investment proposal.

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