Microvast’s energy division launches new energy storage system (ESS) with industry leading 4.3MWh energy density per container

Microvast Holdings, Inc., a technology innovator that designs, develops and manufactures lithium-ion battery solutions, has announced the launch of its inaugural battery energy storage system, the ME-4300-UL ESS Container (the “ESS Container”).

The ESS Container is designed for energy shifting applications such as renewables integration, peak demand and capacity support. Demonstrating Microvast’s commitment to becoming the leading provider of energy storage for utility scale projects, the ESS Container is packed with features including:

  • Ready to install, 20 ft. liquid-cooled battery container with industry leading energy density of 4.3MWh per container (up to 30 percent more energy density than leading competitors);
  • Vigorously tested and qualified battery cells and modules based on Microvast’s proven commercial electric vehicle (EV) battery technology;
  • Innovative safety features including fire suppression and explosion prevention systems;
  • 6th generation, advanced battery management system (BMS); and
  • Expected to qualify as “domestic content” under the Inflation Reduction Act.

The battery cell and module technology used for the ESS container is built on the proven performance of Microvast’s lithium-ion battery solutions developed for the commercial electric vehicle (EV) market. The battery cells incorporate Microvast’s 53.5Ah NMC cell technology, boasting 235Wh/kg of energy density. “Customers can trust and depend on Microvast’s sixteen years of proven expertise in lithium-ion battery manufacturing and our experience with 30,000 battery systems operational worldwide,” stated Zach Ward, President of Microvast Energy.

Microvast’s ESS containers deliver an industry leading energy density of 4.3MWh per container, a long battery life of more than 10,000 cycles under normal operating conditions, as well as easy transportation and installation for fast deployment at utility scale plants. “The superior performance of our products, domestic production capabilities and our team’s ability to effectively execute large scale utility projects sets Microvast apart. We believe our ESS solutions offer substantial benefits to our customers, including a lower total cost of ownership and expected eligibility for Inflation Reduction Act benefits,” Ward said. “The positive response we have received from potential customers in the United States speaks volumes. Our future plans include expanding the ESS platform globally, leveraging our existing facilities in Asia and Europe.

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