MARINE EDGE selects CAP-XX liquid-cooled supercapacitor modules for its hybrid propulsion system for cargo ships

CAP-XX Limited, the leading manufacturer of ultra-thin prismatic, cylindrical, and Lithium-Ion supercapacitors, announced that MARINE EDGE, an innovative company making maritime transportation more sustainable, has selected CAP-XX’s large, powerful, liquid-cooled supercapacitor modules for its PowerEdge system installations on cargo ships which reduce fuel burn and minimize emissions.

CAP-XX’s powerful, 96V, 83F, liquid-cooled supercapacitor modules store and release large amounts of energy in MARINE EDGE’s regenerative hybrid power management system. This technology improves a cargo ship’s overall propulsive efficiency, and decreases fuel consumption and emissions, making it more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Lowering fuel consumption improves the economy of transition to cleaner fuels, making further reduction of toxic and carbon emissions possible.

MARINE EDGE chose CAP-XX liquid-cooled supercapacitor modules for their high efficiency, longevity and modularity which allows installation on a variety of ships with different configurations, while maintaining their ability to handle high currents effectively for millions of cycles.

The 96V, 83F CAP-XX liquid-cooled supercap modules feature:
• Liquid-cooled to provide extremely high-rate charge and discharge capability
• Maintenance free operation
• 10-year life with heavy charge/discharge cycling
• Meets rail shock and vibration standard
• Modules configurable to 2000 Volts

“The CAP-XX supercapacitor module, with its compact build and millions of cycles, is a key enabler for our PowerEdge system to save energy and fuel burn on cargo ships. To be a game-changer for sustainable marine transportation we must incorporate the most advanced hardware available,” said Nevo Dotan, CEO of MARINE EDGE.

Our expertise in creating sustainable systems by capturing environmental energy from solar, wind, vibration and motion sources pairs perfectly with MARINE EDGE’s quest to make cargo ships more efficient,” said Marco Ranalli, General Manager EMEA at CAP-XX. “This is just one example of how our new line of large, powerful supercap modules can be excellent supporting actors for power management in demanding applications in many industries.

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