Lithuanian-made electric buses to enter service in Klaipėda, the country’s third largest city

Two electric buses developed by Lithuania’s Vėjo Projektai are due to enter service in Klaipėda, the country’s third largest city, after the Easter weekend.

“This project will enter Klaipėda’s history,” Vytautas Grubliauskas, the mayor of Klaipėda, is quoted in the company’s press release. “The ambitious Dancer bus project united a broad array of Klaipėda talent from the areas of transport, business and the public sector, as well as from Klaipėda University.” he said.

The buses were acquired by the city municipality via a public bus company under the EU directives and the National Air Pollution Reduction Scheme by the Lithuanian government.

Dancer can carry up to 93 passengers, it has 32 seats and a designated place for one handicapped passenger. Its body is made of composite materials that include recycled PET bottles. The electricity for Dancer buses is also purchased exclusively from wind farms, according to the company.

“The vision of having a Klaipėda-made, street-worthy electric bus may have seemed distant in the beginning, but we’re witnessing it becoming a reality today,” said Grubliauskas. “I am certain that it is only the beginning as Klaipėda-made buses will promote our city way beyond Lithuania.”

Vėjo Projektai (Wind Projects) is a Lithuanian–German company developing electric energy-powered transport

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