Lithium batteries: strategic partnership between Flash Battery and Efa France

Flash Battery – Kaitek Srl, Calerno RE, Italy, and Efa France SAS, Fondettes, France, have announced a strategic partnership in electrification solutions for industrial vehicles. The mutually exclusive alliance is based on innovation and sustainability, both companies say, bringing together the strengths in the French market, and involving two European leaders in the manufacturing of lithium batteries (Flash Battery) for industrial machines and electric vehicles, and in the supply of electrification solutions for industrial vehicles (Efa France).

Established in 1994, Efa France has offices in France and Germany, and is a Powertrain System Integrator that uses high-quality components (axles, motors and inverters) for electrification.

During its eight years of activity, Flash Battery has established itself at the top of the lithium battery research and production sector, says the company. Today, its lithium batteries are used by leading industrial companies in the production of goods and electric vehicles that enhance traveling in several major European capitals.

“At EFA France,” explained Marco Righi, CEO of Flash Battery, “we have found the perfect partner to strengthen our presence in the French market, that is particularly responsive to electrification, but also very demanding in terms of quality and reliability of products, systems. Furthermore, our company delivers customer service remotely, on each individual battery on a continuous basis.

The excellent knowledge of this market, which is very open to the subject of lithium and expanding rapidly in the Ground Support Equipment, Construction and Agriculture markets,” continued the CEO of Flash Battery, “is a great strength of Efa France, which has always stood out for its great ability to communicate with clients, with its excellent knowledge and fast response times, together with the distribution of the most advanced electrification technologies on a European level.

EFA France,” underlined Righi, “has other important partnerships (Transaxles – Motors and controls – Inverters) and focuses on small and medium-sized companies that need to be guided and have all-round consultancy in order to realize the complete design in the prototype phase. Furthermore, it operates in the same sectors as we do (OEM, Robotics, Agriculture, AGV, EWP, GSE, special machines) and, as a result, can act as a true forerunner to our projects in these market segments.

The innovative technology of Flash Battery in providing “turnkey” products,” explained Benoît Beaumont, Managing Director of Efa France, “and meets the needs of our clients perfectly. The choice of a business partner such as Flash Battery was a natural one; the combination of the know-how of EFA France in electric motors and integration and the well-known Flash Battery brand of lithium batteries sets the stage for major success in the French market.

We’re convinced,” continued Beaumont, “that an alliance based on a shared vision of  quality in electrification, integration of know-how, in-depth knowledge and a presence in different and common sectors, together with the strong acceleration delivered by Flash Battery in research and development, is the cornerstone of excellence in electrification. Flash Battery is, first and foremost, a business characterized by investment in research and innovation, and it is clear that we have the highest commitment to quality, which corresponds to the selective criteria we apply when choosing our partners,” concluded Benoît Beaumont.

The mutually exclusive agreement in France between Flash Battery and EFA France will mean that EFA France will have the technical sales support of Flash Battery technicians, with constant updating and connection between the two companies. In this way, Flash Battery will essentially be represented by EFA sales technicians and, therefore, the two companies will share the preliminary information needed for electrification projects.

The two companies have a total of over 150 employees and generate around 40 million Euros in revenue.

About Flash Battery
Flash Battery was founded in 2012 and, by 2019, it had a turnover of 14 million Euros and 52 members of staff. The company designs and produces lithium batteries for industrial machinery and electric vehicles, supplying manufacturers with moderate production volumes and significant customization needs.

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