Leclanché selected by Siemens Energy and Shiptec to supply battery storage system for CGN’s futuristic hybrid boats on Lake Geneva in Switzerland

Commuters or “frontaliers” to the Lake Geneva region of Switzerland and France will soon have a new futuristic and environmentally sound way of traveling to work thanks to Leclanché SA’s (SIX: LECN) selection to equip two new hybrid-powered vessels with a state-of-the-art battery storage system commissioned by Compagnie Générale de Navigation sur le Léman (CGN SA).

Leclanché, one of the world’s leading energy storage companies, was selected by Swiss shipbuilding company Shiptec AG, based in Lucerne, and Siemens Energy Srl, Milan, for the project.

The two ships, each with a capacity of 700 passengers, will replace existing diesel-powered vessels and will be used to transport passengers between Switzerland and France with projected completion dates of 2022 and 2023. Leclanché’s Marine Rack System, powered by the company’s proprietary lithium-ion cell batteries, was developed especially for the maritime industry and will reduce the ships’ consumption of fossil fuels by 40% and offer unprecedented ease of use and operation.

The order enables Leclanché to make a significant contribution to the fight against global warming in its home region, where it designs and assembles its state-of-the-art energy storage systems. It also strengthens its position as a pioneer in the electrification of the global maritime industry.

In its fast-growing eTransport Solutions business, Leclanché is the supplier of choice for several leading maritime transport companies, helping merchant fleets to adapt to new regulations for approaching ports and moorings, and drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Among others, Leclanché battery systems equip the Danish ship Ellen, the world’s most powerful all-electric ferry, and commercial vessels from the Italian company Grimaldi, manufactured by the Norwegian shipbuilder Kongsberg. The first of the nine ships ordered by Grimaldi is currently undergoing sea trials.

The battery systems supplied by Leclanché use high-energy G-NMC lithium-ion cells with unique safety features, including a bi-cellular laminate design and ceramic separators. Leclanché specifically designs and manufactures systems certified for use in the aquatic environment (Class Type Approved and Certified Marine Rack Systems (MRS)), including fire prevention and extinguishing systems. The project has received the DNV-GL Type Approval Certificate and the DNV-GL Product Certificate. The company based in Yverdon-les-Bains develops and manufactures its own graphite/NMC (lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide) and LTO (lithium titanate oxide) batteries.

“We are proud and happy to have been selected by Siemens Energy and Shiptec to equip CGN group’s new hybrid vessels. CGN is a symbol for the region in which Leclanché has grown and continues to develop. This choice demonstrates once again the quality and reliability of Leclanché’s battery systems and its pioneering role in the transformation of maritime transport towards environmentally friendly propulsion,” said Anil Srivastava, Leclanché’s Chief Executive Officer.

About Leclanché

Headquartered in Switzerland, Leclanché SA is a leading provider of high-quality energy storage solutions designed to accelerate our progress towards a clean energy future. Leclanché’s history and heritage is rooted in over 100 years of battery and energy storage innovation and the Company is a trusted provider of energy storage solutions globally. This coupled with the Company’s culture of German engineering and Swiss precision and quality, continues to make Leclanché the partner of choice for both disruptors, established companies and governments who are pioneering positive changes in how energy is produced, distributed and consumed around the world. The energy transition is being driven primarily by changes in the management of our electricity networks and the electrification of transport, and these two end markets form the backbone of our strategy and business model. Leclanché is at the heart of the convergence of the electrification of transport and the changes in the distribution network. Leclanché is the only listed pure play energy storage company in the world, organised along three business units: stationary storage solutions, e-Transport solutions and specialty batteries systems. Leclanché is listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX: LECN).

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