LCM partners with Ionic Technologies & Ford for REE magnet recycling in the UK

Ionic Technologies, Less Common Metals (LCM) and Ford will establish a demonstration circular supply chain for Rare Earth Elements (REEs) in the UK, by utilizing innovative technologies to create high-specification magnets containing 100% recycled REEs for use in Electrical Vehicles (EVs).

Ionic Technologies has demonstrated patented technology at the demonstration plant in Belfast producing high purity rare earth oxides (REOs) at a rate of 10 tonnes per annum. The process is agnostic on feedstock magnet quality and variability in feed composition.

At 99.5% purity or higher, the REOs produced are suitable for use in high-specification magnets for EVs and other technology contributing towards the UK’s NetZero ambitions.

Ionic Technologies, formerly known as Seren Technologies, is a spin-out company from Queen’s University Belfast. In 2022, it became the magnet recycling subsidiary 100% owned by Ionic Rare Earths Limited.

LCM is a leader in the manufacture and supply of complex alloy systems and metals; its principal products are SmCo (samarium cobalt) and NdFeB alloys for permanent magnets. In 2023, LCM expanded its metal making capabilities to include DyFe and Tb. These metals are essential for improving the performance of neodymium magnets, which are widely used in various industries such as renewable energy, automotive, and aerospace.

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