Kokam strengthens maritime battery storage offering with 2021 DNV approval

Kokam Limited Company, a global provider of innovative lithium-ion battery solutions and a wholly-owned subsidiary of SolarEdge Technologies, Inc., announced that its Offshore Liquid-cooled battery system (KOL) obtained DNV certification under the revised 2021 class rules. The quality seal addresses strict industry standards covering revised testing and certifies the safety and reliability of lithium-ion batteries.

The KOL battery solution enables commercial and offshore vessels to save fuel and extend the life of combustion engines or generators. KOL has successfully passed fire propagation tests with IP 56 grade and are designed to prevent propagation between the cells in case a certain cell goes into a thermal runaway due to misuse and/or improper operation.

The KOL battery solution, now certified by DNV, is comprised of multiple KOL battery modules configured to accommodate voltage and energy or current capacity requirements. Due to its flexibility and compact size, the KOL battery solution can be installed in locations where space is limited. KOL is suitable as a reliable source of energy for long-term operations while its outstanding power output serves as an optimal power source for engine starters.” Ike Hong, CMO of Kokam, said.

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