Italvolt plans to build a battery cell factory with a capacity of 45 GWh in Italy

Startup company Italvolt Spa, Milano, Italy, writes on its website that it is currently evaluating three different locations in Italy – in Piedmont, Campania and Calabria – all of which meet the requirements for logistics and green energy, reports. 100 hectares are being sought to build a 300’000 square metre gigafactory that will create 4,000 new jobs. At the same time, the company states that the wider Italvolt ecosystem will create up to 15,000 new jobs. Swedish industry news provider, Elektroniktidningen, who was first to report on this, noted that Lars Carlström, co-founder at Britishvolt, holds the position of CEO at the new company.

The CEO told Elektroniktidningen that the project will be launched late this week, or possibly the following week. Until then, we’ll have to make due with the information available on Italvolt’s website. In addition to the massive battery factory, the company states that they are planning to build a 20’000 square metre for research and development centre. The goal is clear, on the website the company writes that it “aim to help European Automotive industry to defend its market position by building the first Giga Factory in Italy – a country where Alessandro Volta invented the battery in 1800.”

“The creation of the first gigafactory in Italy is a historic step for Southern Europe, this is the largest industrial investment in Italy in modern time, with a capacity up to 45 Gwh we will be able to supply the European automotive industry with green sustainable batteries.”

The 300.000 m2 gigafactory is the 12th largest footprint in the World.

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