International Battery Metals licensee Sorcia Minerals announces Salar de Maricunga Chile acquisition

International Battery Metals Ltd., Vancouver, Canada, (CSE: IBAT) (FSE: 8RE) has been provided with an update from Sorcia Minerals LLC, whereby its subsidiary Sorcia Chile SPA (‘Sorcia”) has reached an agreement with RJR SALAR SPA  to exploit over 2,000 hectares for lithium in the Maricunga salar, in the Atacama Region, Chile, using IBAT’s innovative sustainable technology.

IBAT continues to work with Sorcia on the construction and introduction of its innovative and highly sustainable technology into Chile. Once Sorcia has obtained appropriate environmental permits, IBAT’s extraction units will be deployed at the salar to begin commercial lithium production.  IBAT’s innovative technology provides numerous advantages including;

  1. Superior lithium extraction efficiency, greater than 95% recovery of lithium chloride in the brine.
  2. Minimal water consumption. IBAT’s process is designed to recover greater than 98% of its process water.
  3. Minimal chemical inputs.  Other than minor acid and base requirements for pH control, IBAT’s process does not require industrial chemicals in its recovery process.
  4. Rapid installation of extraction facilities
  5. Short time to production

When fully deployed, IBAT’s process will provide the highest lithium recovery efficiency, with the lowest environmental footprint in the industry.

which allows the extraction of lithium, while reinjecting over 90% of the extracted brine in its natural state, minimizing the consumption of fresh water and using mobile and modular plants that are less invasive to the land.

The “selective absorption” lithium technology was first co-invented in the late 1980´s by Dr. John Burba, CEO of IBAT, and the latest version of Dr Burba’s proprietary technology allows for a much more efficient extraction than methods currently in use, reducing the carbon footprint, drastically reducing the use of water and brine in the salar and protecting the surrounding ecosystem.

The growing demand for lithium, driven by electromobility, demands the use of cleaner technologies that ensure the preservation of resources and guarantee the living conditions of local communities, already challenged by the scarcity of water resources.

The initial exploratory work will be carried out in conjunction with the University of Santiago De Chile (USACH), Sorcia’s strategic partner for research, development, and implementation of new sustainable mineral exploitation technologies.

Dr Burba stated “This is another step towards implementing our technology in a first class resource and where we can also showcase to the world the selective extraction of lithium in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way”


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