Infinity Stone completes airborne geophysics & expands land position at Zen-Whoberi Project, Quebec

Infinity Stone Ventures Corp. announces that it has received results from its airborne UAV magnetic survey on its Zen-Whoberi Project located north of Mont Laurier, Quebec. The survey covered over 570 line-km with detailed line spacing of 100 metres, with 25-metre spacing over and around the geochemical soil sampling grid completed by the Company during Summer 2022 (announced on August 12, 2022), in the northeastern part of the Property. Based upon the results of the survey, the Company has expanded the Zen-Whoberi Project by staking an additional 15 claims, 3 of which are still pending application. The currently granted claims total 706 hectares, bringing the total property size to 4,561 hectares, in addition to the 3 pending claims.

The UAV airborne magnetic survey identified several new anomalous zones coincident with soil sampling anomalies, as well as several parallel ENE-WSW-trending structures at the newly expanded and previously unexplored northern part of the Property.

With the completion and interpretation of the results at the Zen-Whoberi Project we are excited to have identified multiple news zones of interest, alongside confirmation of magnetic anomalies within our focus zone, where we have previously conducted a soil sampling grid,” said Zayn Kalyan, CEO of Infinity Stone. “The results of the program have warranted expansion of the project and we are looking forward to the next step of the exploration, including a targeted diamond drill program in the coming months. We are also looking for potential joint venture partners for the project, as a part of Infinity Stone’s project generation model,” furthered Mr. Kalyan. “Copper is critical in fueling the energy transition and meeting the stated goals of international governments moving towards combatting climate change. It is often quoted that we will need to mine more copper in the next 30 years to meet climate goals than has been mined in human history (2). While there has been volatility in the price of copper over the immediate short-term, we are projecting that given current macro-economic trends, demand and price for copper will increase over the next 12-24 months,” concluded Mr. Kalyan.

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