IBAT’s modular Direct Lithium Extraction technology nets 95% lithium yield to lithium chloride according to independent certification

International Battery Metals Ltd. has received certification from Greg Mehos & Associates (“GM&A”), an independent testing agency, that shows that its modular direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology performed in accordance with company claims, delivering a 97% extraction rate of lithium from feed brine (to lithium chloride). According to GM&A, IBAT’s existing commercial plant produces a total recovery rate of 95% using its internal transition recycle loop technology.

GM&A’s findings are significant because their independent verification confirms our technology captures high yields through DLE, making it a game-changer for recovering lithium from existing brine bearing properties,” noted  Dr. John Burba, Founder of IBAT.

We’re very excited to move into this next stage of commercialization of our DLE process, which is faster to market, more environmentally friendly and more effective in producing high-quality lithium chloride, solidifying domestic supply chains“, said Garry Flowers, CEO of IBAT.

GM&A tested IBAT’s lithium extraction process when it was demonstrated at Impact Technology Development in Devens, Massachusetts on June 20.  GM&A is led by Greg Mehos, Ph.D., PE, an independent chemical engineer with extensive experience in bulk solids handling and processing in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, including drying, fluidizing, feeding, dispersing, conveying, storage, extrusion, reacting, blending, granulating, testing and densifying. Mehos is the author of the subsection on powder flow and hopper and chute design in Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook, ninth edition, and is a licensed professional engineer and a fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

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