Hyundai Motor to launch power generation business using recycled batteries

Hyundai Motor Group has launched an eco-friendly power generation project using batteries collected from electric vehicles (EVs), reports.

The group announced on Jan. 10 that it will operate a 2 MWh energy storage system (ESS), which is built with recycled EV batteries, to store electricity generated by a solar power plant before transmitting it to an external power grid.

The solar power plant and the ESS will be built at the company’s plant in Ulsan on the nation’s southeastern coast.

The group is also planning to push for the diffusion of 3 GWh ESSs reusing EV batteries through this verification project, which is implemented jointly with Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power.

OCI also decided to accelerate its penetration of the distributed energy market through Hyundai Motor Group’s EV battery recycling ESSs. OCI Power, a subsidiary of OCI, announced on the same day that it has installed Hyundai Motor Group’s 300 kWh ESS at a 727 kW solar power plant of OCI Specialty, another OCI subsidiary, in Gongju, Korea.