Hyundai Motor Group and Seoul National University open Joint Battery Research Center to secure global EV leadership

Hyundai Motor Group has announced the inauguration of its Joint Battery Research Center with Seoul National University (SNU). This collaborative effort between the Group and SNU aims to advance battery technologies and foster industry-academia cooperation to establish global leadership in the battery field.

“The Joint Battery Research Center will be the starting point for battery technology with improved performance and robust safety in line with Hyundai Motor Group’s preemptive innovation in the field of electrification. We expect that the best faculty and graduate students will create synergy with Hyundai Motor Group’s competent researchers, laying the groundwork for various innovations ranging from the basics of batteries to applications”. says Hong Lim Ryu, President of Seoul National University “Our mission to develop a diverse range of mobility solutions equipped with advanced batteries is driven by our strong commitment to a sustainable environment for future generations. Through pioneering joint research and development efforts, we hope to empower all researchers to lead the way in propelling the transition to electrification of the mobility industry.”

The Joint Battery Research Center began to take shape in November 2021, when the Group and Seoul National University signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the ‘establishment of a joint battery research center and mid- to long-term joint research’ based on the consensus on realizing carbon neutrality and creating a battery research ecosystem.

To foster close cooperation among researchers, the new research facility will secure a dedicated space for battery-only research within the expanded Institute of Chemical Processes of Seoul National University, spanning three floors (901 m2). It will consist of seven laboratories and conference rooms for battery development, analysis, measurement, and process. This is the first time that a research facility specializing in electric vehicle (EV) batteries has been built within Seoul National University.

With the opening of the Joint Battery Research Center, the Group will work with top battery experts in Korea to lay the groundwork for research and development of battery-related technologies. The Joint Battery Research Center aims to focus on advanced research into leading next-generation battery technologies that can dramatically increase EV driving distance and shorten charging time, as well as research on battery condition monitoring technology and innovative process technology.

Specifically, a total of 22 joint research projects will be carried out in four divisions, including lithium metal batteries, solid-state batteries, battery management systems (BMS) and battery process technology. A total of 21 professors and master’s and doctorate-level talents from eminent Korean universities will participate in the research. 14 of the 22 research projects will be related to lithium metal and solid-state batteries, focusing their core capabilities on developing next-generation batteries.

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