Hoppecke Poland has moved to a new office building

Following the development of the activities in Poland, Hoppecke GmbH communicates the transfer of its local activities to a new office.

According to the company, “The modern architecture of the office building with its minimalist and open and spacious interior supports teamwork. Optimization of spatial solutions and a design tailored to our needs makes logistical support for all branches of our business easier. This investment opens up new development opportunities within the Hoppecke Group.”

Hoppecke Poland can now be reached at the following address:
HOPPECKE Baterie Polska Sp. z o.o.
ul. Logistyczna 10, 63-006 Śródka, Poland

The company’s previous e-mail addresses, as well as telephone and fax numbers remain unchanged.

About HOPPECKE Poland:

  • Number of employees: about 80
  • Production & storage area: 3.000 m2
  • Office area: about 1.000 m2
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