Grinntech unveils high-tech batteries for Indian EVs

Grinntech Motors & Services Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, India, an investor-backed start-up specializing in lithium-ion batteries for EVs and energy storage systems, today unveiled a range of high-tech batteries with unique designs customized to Indian conditions along with its proprietary, IoT enabled BMS to power 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers and tractors/light vehicles. This announcement marks the transformation of Grinntech from an IIT-Madras incubated start-up to a funded commercial enterprise, enabling rapid adoption of EV technologies.

Even as EVs dominate headlines from the global auto industry, India’s accelerated adoption of EVs is boosted by a range of government incentives and a corresponding flurry of new EV models announced by Indian manufacturers. It is recognized that battery technology (for range and performance) and battery cost will determine the speed of EV adoption by customers. The state-of-the-art Lithium-Ion batteries are themselves characterized by a wide range of chemistries, cell formats and battery pack design features, and require to be carefully managed during charging and while in use. Compared to many commodity battery kits that are imported, Grinntech’s batteries offer the combination of design sophistication and quality to ensure superior performance and durability.

“It was always our dream to create a technologically advanced Lithiumion battery productline that was built-to-cost for Indian conditions along with its production system. We are hopeful that we will catch the fast-growing wave for EV products by Indian customers,” said Mr. Nikhilesh Mishra and Mr. Puneet Jain, the young co-founders of Grinntech.

Noting that successful start-ups are those that manage to combine the energy and entrepreneurship of technology innovators with the vision of experienced industry thoughtleaders, Grinntech has attracted industry leaders such as Dr. V. Sumantran (former ViceChairman of Ashok Leyland Ltd.) and Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan (co-founder and former ViceChairman of Cognizant) as investors and to serve on the company’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Nikhilesh added, “When a technology stalwart like Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan and a visionary of mobility like Dr. Sumantran join hands, I expect nothing less than building up Grinntech’s battery development and manufacturing capabilities to a position of industry leadership. Apart from affordable, high-quality batteries that employ customisable and superior thermal management, we anticipate EV makers and customers will soon require additional capabilities like battery performance analytics and connectivity. With our innovative product range and sophisticated IoT-enabled BMS systems, we are ready for this future.”

Commenting on this development, Dr. V Sumantran said, “I am delighted to be a part of Grinntech’s journey at a time when EVs are rapidly gaining acceptance globally and in India, and particularly so at a time when our country has articulated a priority for self-reliance in critical EV technologies. In the coming years, market conditions will reward those EV battery makers that possess technological and operational competence. Grinntech’s combination of performance, quality and economics will play an important part in that journey.”

Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan added, “The future of energy is in renewables with significant potential for high growth. Digital technologies such as IoT and data analytics play a crucial role in enabling companies with newer business models to provide the much-needed connectedness, high performance and superior customer experience. It is heartening to see start-ups in India boldly embrace technology-driven solutions that can meaningfully address not just India’s challenges but also global ones.”

“Grinntech has quickly moved on to the operational phase with a modular production system, paying particular attention to cell-characterisation and pack testing. In addition to our new R&D and manufacturing facility in Chennai, we are exploring a couple of options for a larger manufacturing location to scale up our production capacity. With an innovative product range and planned new manufacturing facility, we believe we can boost the much-needed value addition and employment opportunities in India’s nascent EV industry,” added, Mr. Puneet Jain.

Having evolved energy storage solutions through years of dedicated R&D, Grinntech’s new facility will manufacture Robin-72 and Shikhra smart and personalized 2- and 3-wheeler battery solutions using state-of-the-art automated processes and assembly lines. The facility will also manufacture Pintail an IOT-enabled 2-wheeler starter battery and the Falcon, a larger battery suited to tractors and light vehicles. The modular production layout will allow for easy scaling up as demand grows.

About Grinntech

Grinntech is an investor-backed, growth-phase start-up, specialising in lithium-ion batteries for EVs and energy storage systems along with our proprietary BMS and connectivity systems. Our product range has established new standards in safety, intelligent controls, energy-density, power-management, long life, and reliability. Apart from a range of standard products, we also undertake custom battery development for customers in India and abroad. Grinntech works closely with leading global technology companies and cell suppliers, bringing cutting-edge advances in semiconductor, materials, cell-chemistry and formats. We employ contemporary techniques in our manufacturing including cell-characterisation and production testing. Our expertise has been recognised by our customers, many of whom are market leaders, and we are working with many of them to power their future EV endeavours.

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