Greenland launches lithium powered GEL-5000 electric front loader

Greenland Technologies Holding Corporation has announced availability of its latest electric industrial vehicle, the GEL-5000, under the Company’s new clean industrial heavy equipment brand, HEVI

The new GEL-5000 is a 5.0 ton rated load all-electric lithium wheeled front loader that boasts strong power, approximately 40,000 pounds operating weight and increased payload options, making it a clean, green industrial vehicle with a rapid 2 hour charge time and 9 hours of operation time per charge. With a long list of sustainability, performance, comfort, maintenance and safety features, the new GEL-5000 all electric front loader is ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage. It is perfect for on-site applications in industries ranging from agriculture, urban construction to waste management and property management. Customers can learn more about the new GEL-5000 Industrial Electric Loader or schedule a demo at

Raymond Wang, CEO of Greenland, commented, “We are really proud of our GEL-5000, which builds upon our impressive track record of innovation. We are focused on developing the sleek, powerful, industrial electric vehicles customers want, while improving working conditions for operators and significantly reducing the cost of ownership. Our GEL-5000 once again raises the bar on what is possible, with extensive new advantages for operators, simple maintenance, zero operating emissions, and an enhanced operator experience. Most importantly, our GEL-5000 does all of this and is good for the environment without sacrificing performance.

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