Goldcore to produce 1000 kg of graphite concentrate for lithium ion battery testing

Goldcore Resources Ltd., Cochrane, Canada, (TSXV:GEM), (FSE:BK2P), (WKN:A2QENP) has engaged Base Metallurgical Laboratories Ltd., Kamloops, Canada, to produce 1000 kg of graphite concentrate from Berkwood Project channel and drill core sample material for use in applied technical tests, and to more fully characterise the Berkwood Project graphite product. Test work will in particular focus on lithium ion battery anode components. Over the past four years, Goldcore has collected and stored raw graphite mineralised rock sample material from its Berkwood Graphite Project located in Northern Quebec, Canada, for use in future metallurgical and application tests, and as a reference material for the Company’s stated project resource.  A subsample of reference raw material will be shipped to Base Metallurgical and processed, concentrated and purified to produce up to 1,000 kg of high-grade Graphite.

Goldcore continues to receive abundant interest in further study of the Berkwood Project product from graphite users and trade experts to further demonstrate the applications to which the Company’s product will be most suited. In particular, the compelling jumbo- and large-flake size distribution that occurs naturally in the Zone 1 resource, and the ready upgrading of a concentrate of 97.8% graphite by crushing and flotation.

Michel Robert, Technical Advisor, states, “Even when compared against a global suite of Graphite prospects, projects and mines, it is extremely rare to see graphite concentrates that are readily processed to yield both an abundance of large flakes AND high graphitic carbon grade. Berkwood’s initial Graphite process samples have, to date, delivered on both these highly desirable and therefore potentially valuable characteristics.”

The Company previously sent Berkwood Project 97.8% graphite concentrate to ProGraphite where the concentrate was readily purified to 99.95% (NR Aug 27, 2019). The near term plan is to have Base Met repeat the process with more core and channel sample material, and then to send the concerntrate to ProGraphite to purify to 99.95, make spherical graphite and coat the graphite for application in the anode components of test batteries. The Company will also use the purified product to supply a number of Battery Manufactures, and other consumers and purchasers of Graphite with test samples (commonly in 15 kg parcels) for those users to test the product for their own application-specific purpose.



CEO Tom Yingling states: “I am very pleased to have engaged Base Metallurgical Labs to process the Graphite that we have collected over the past four years to concentrate 1000kg of high-grade Graphite.  Tests undertaken to date have shown excellent expandability characteristics, ready amenability for purification to 99.95% using a standard alkaline process, and that a high proportion of large flake graphite that is amenable to spheroidization is present. Being able to send 15 kg parcels of the Company’s High Grade Graphite is one of the key steps to potentially securing an offtake agreement with a Lithium Ion Battery manufacturer and or other consumers of Graphite.”

Qualified Person: Mr. Dave Kelsch, P.Geo. is a Qualified Person (“QP”) as defined by National Instrument 43-101 guidelines, and he has reviewed and approved the technical content of this news release.

About Goldcore Resources

Goldcore Resources is managed by a team with over 150 years collectively with a proven track record of not just finding numerous mines but building and operating them too. The Goldcore management team’s most recent success is the discovery of the Berkwood Graphite resource in Northern Quebec. Goldcore owns this asset 100 percent and the Company’s shareholders will benefit from this asset as the demand for Graphite for electric vehicles increases significantly.


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