Ganfeng Lithium’s Ma Hong Factory adding 50,000 tons of battery-grade lithium hydroxide annual production capacity; 81,000t total capacity

Ganfeng Lithium’s Ma Hong factory, founded in 2012, is located in the High-tech Development Zone of Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province. After a project with an annual output of 50,000 tons of lithium hydroxide is put into operation, the total designed capacity of battery-grade lithium hydroxide in the plant will reach 81,000 tons; it can also produce 15,000 tons of lithium carbonate, 12,000 tons of lithium chloride and other compound products each year.

“In order to ensure product quality, our materials come from Australian mines where the group holds shares or signed underwriting agreements.”, says Wang Bin, general manager of the Ma Hong factory.

Ma Hong’s battery-grade lithium hydroxide products have the characteristics of low impurity content, good consistency, uniform particle size distribution, and low magnetic properties, and can provide customized services according to customer requirements.

Ganfeng has participated in the formulation of a number of national industry standards such as “Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate” (GB/T 8766-2013).

The plant uses natural gas instead of coal as the main energy source; realizes 100% recycling and recycling of condensed water; encourages the utilization of by-products, and transports products such as calcium silicate slag, sodium sulfate, calcium sulfate slag, etc. produced during the production process.

In 2019 alone, the company provided 540,000 tons of by-products to the cement industry.

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