Focus Graphite signs MOU with Vaulta and Braille Energy Systems Inc.

Focus Graphite Inc., Kingston, Canada, (TSX-V:FMS) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with battery casing technology company Vaulta (Battery Graphene Corp Pty Ltd), Brisbane, Australia, and Braille Energy Systems Inc. (formerly Mincom Capital Inc.), Kingston, Canada, (TSX-V:BES) to utilize the collective companies resources to identify collaborative opportunities for the advancement of batteries in key market segments.

Under the terms of the MOU, the companies will work together to conduct market analysis to identify new sectors of interest and co-develop products. The companies plan to combine resources to evaluate, design methodologies and the use of advanced materials suitable for end market product development. Specifically, on March 1st, 2021, Focus Graphite announced the submission of Provisional Patent Application titled: “Advanced Anode Material Comprising Spheroidal Silicon Enhanced Graphite Particles And Process For Making Same“. The present invention pertains to the field of electrode materials and in particular the processes for making materials for use as a new generation of lithium-ion battery anode material.

The execution of this MOU creates a framework by which all parties can work collaboratively to establish viable projects and marketing activities to achieve increased market penetration and revenue potential. Additionally, the entities will explore cost effective domestic (North America) manufacturing.

“We are very pleased to sign this important MOU with Vaulta as well as Braille to advance battery technologies, which provides an opportunity to leverage the resources, strengths and talent of the collective companies,” said Focus Graphite CEO, Marc Roy. “We will also remain focused on meeting our development milestones to bring the Company’s graphite projects into production. By working with Vaulta and Braille, Focus Graphite is reinforcing its commitment to a lower-emission, cleaner future utilizing our graphite resources to power the next-generation of electric vehicles and other end markets.”

“We are excited about collaborating with these companies to bring new battery technologies to market. The lightness of our innovative casings, Focus Graphite’s technology and high-quality flake graphite will be a real asset in next-generation batteries and other applications in North America and Canada,” said Vaulta Founder, Dominic Spooner.

About Vaulta

Vaulta is a battery casing technology company based in Brisbane, Australia. Its world-first design allows those building batteries to save money, time, weight, and space to utilize in a range of vehicles, while greatly increasing efficiencies in safety and workforce deployment.

About Braille Energy Systems Inc.

Braille Energy Systems Inc. holds an 89.95% equity interest in Braille Holdings Inc., which holds a 100% equity interest in Braille Battery Inc. Braille Battery is an established battery-manufacturing and energy storage company supplying batteries to the professional motor sports industry and the pioneer of a complete line of lightweight high powered battery systems for the transportation market. Braille Energy Systems (BESI) will expand its market penetration into a wider range of market segments that require lightweight, high-performing energy solutions, using the most scientifically advanced materials.

About Focus Graphite

Focus Graphite Inc. is an advanced exploration company with an objective of producing flake graphite concentrate at its wholly owned Lac Knife and Lac Tétépisca flake graphite projects located in the Côte-Nord administrative region of Québec. In a second stage, to meet Québec stakeholder interests in developing second transformation industries within the province and to add shareholder value, Focus is evaluating the feasibility of producing value added specialty graphite products including battery-grade spherical graphite.

Focus Graphite is a technology-oriented graphite development company with a vision for building long-term, sustainable shareholder value. Focus also holds a significant equity position in graphene applications developer Grafoid Inc.

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