EVLO unveils its most powerful and flexible battery storage system

EVLO Energy Storage Inc. (EVLO), a fully integrated battery energy storage system provider and wholly owned subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, has unveiled its next-generation battery solution — EVLOFLEX — at CLEANPOWER 2023, the renewable energy industry’s premier event bringing together the most knowledgeable minds to chart the future of energy and the clean economy. CLEANPOWER 2023 takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The EVLOFLEX has a configurable power density of 1.65 MWh, 2 MWh, or 2.5 MWh with a smaller footprint, allowing utilities and developers to efficiently and cost-effectively firm renewable energy at scale and enable grid resilience. In addition, the EVLOFLEX supports a range of diverse applications and tools through our EVLOGIX EMS platform.

We designed the EVLOFLEX based on direct feedback from our utilities and developers customers, who are in need of safe, cost-effective, and scalable energy storage solutions to keep pace with renewable energy deployment and reinforce the grid at all hours of the day,” said Sonia St-Arnaud, CEO of EVLO. “Our dedicated engineering teams have leveraged our high-quality integration of the system’s main components to deliver maximum value for grid operators. The EVLOFLEX is a truly next generation solution in regard to power density and safety.

The EVLOFLEX builds upon EVLO’s industry-leading safety features with safety enhancements at all levels, from battery cell to full system. The safety features are activated by natural convection and include failsafe mechanisms that allow the EVLOFLEX to avoid thermal runaway events even during loss of auxiliary power. All EVLOFLEX units include these enhancements, and EVLO offers additional safety options and noise reduction options to meet the needs of each customer and project.

EVLO’s lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry is more stable, and therefore safer, than other battery chemistries, and exhibits 100% depth of discharge and nearly 90% PCS-AC round-trip efficiency. The EVLOFLEX also incorporates state-of-the-art control and communication architecture backed by EVLOGIX proprietary software, providing maximum system reliability, performance, and long-lasting energy security, running for up to 7,300* cycles over 20 years without the need for battery replacements.

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