EV Battery Tech and IONiX Pro unveil the cryptocurrency Smart Mine

Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. (“EV Battery Tech”), together with its subsidiary, IONiX Pro Battery Technologies Inc (“IONiX Pro”) is pleased to announce the latest in the IONiX Pro product suite, the Smart Miner.

The Smart Miner is an energy storage system that is capable of mining cryptocurrency. It will be the first device capable of mining the Renewable Obligation Base energy economy Protocol (the “ROBe2 Protocol”). The ROBe2 Protocol is mined using a “carbon negative” process known as the Proof of Renewable protocol (the “PoR Protocol”).

We have seen a tremendous reaction to IONiX Pro Home Smart Wall, which is an ESS for the home. The Smart Miner will not only store renewable energy for home use, but will also generate income by mining the ROBe2 Protocol”, boasted Bryson Goodwin, the CEO of EV Battery Tech.

The company, together with IONiX Pro and in collaboration with the ROBe2 Protocol, have designed the latest product in the IONiX Pro product suite; the world’s first carbon-negative crypto miner, the Smart Miner. The collaboration is an effort to further develop crypto mining while attempting to address the climate crisis and economic equality. By utilizing the patent pending PoR Protocol and combining it with the Company’s patented battery management system (BMS), the Smart Miner is the most advanced development from IONiX Pro to date

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