Eos Energy Storage supplies energy storage to microgrid developments for electrifying rural communities in Nigeria

Eos Energy Storage LLC, Edison, NJ, United States, the leading manufacturer of safe, low-cost and long-duration zinc battery storage systems, today announced that it has partnered with EPC firm Nayo Tropical Technology Ltd., Abuja, Nigeria, to deploy the company’s Aurora EnergyBlock™ battery energy storage system (BESS), Altenergymag.com reports.

Eos’ EnergyBlock is part of a project to bring power to underserved areas and will integrate into rural microgrid developments beginning in the African country of Nigeria. Results from the deployment of this microgrid BESS solution will give utilities and energy providers options for the best storage technologies for rural locations and environments.

“Eos’ energy storage solutions are unique as they do not require HVAC or any expensive thermal management systems to cool the storage system,” commented Balki G. Iyer, Chief Commercial Officer of Eos. “The solution is a perfect fit for harsh environments and rural developments like the Nigerian microgrids as it features simple-to-deploy technology and components, delivering an affordable solution that only needs minimal operation and maintenance. This can be a big game-changer for many parts of the world with similar needs and we are quite excited about solving the larger energy problems for many rural communities.”

“We are proud to be leading the way in deploying one of the most advanced energy storage technologies in the world,” said Okenwa Anayo Nas, CEO of Nayo Tropical Technology Ltd. “Our projects will provide lighting to homes and better the livelihoods of the people in remote villages across Africa, beginning with our first of many projects together in Nigeria. From a mini-grid developer’s perspective, Eos offers the most reliable solution with high round-trip efficiency at the lowest cost per kilowatt hour.”

Eos’ clients, including utilities, EPC companies, and storage integrators, benefit from features including:
Simple drop-and-play installation of a pre-integrated solution
Modest site work needed for installation and integration
Minimal auxiliary power requirements to run the system and the ability to power through grid outages
Brilliantly simple system design with market-leading low operations and maintenance
And low degradation rate for long-lasting product life
These features and more make Eos’ energy storage systems a superior solution to serve rural communities and locations around the world, especially in extreme climates. Eos is also proud that its products are 100% recyclable and sustainable, minimizing the impact on the environment and having no additional cost for removal at end of life due to the inherent residual value of the product.

The first Eos system will go into a rural community in Nigeria, and upon successful commissioning of the Eos system, four identical microgrids will be deployed with Nayo Tropical Technology to other Nigerian rural communities. Eos is proud to partner with Nayo Tropical Technology to help provide sustainable electricity and better quality of life for impacted communities and villages. Nayo Tropical Technology Ltd. has over 25 new mini grids in their pipeline to deploy across West Africa, which Eos plans to support as the industry grows over the next two years.

About Nayo Tropical Technology Ltd.
Nayo Tropical Technology Ltd. (NTT) is a leading West African mini-grid engineering, procurement, and construction company with a 20+ year project track record. NTT specializes in R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of power system products and solutions. The company has offices at Abuja (HQ) -FCT, Lekki – Lagos State, Awka-Anambra State, Maiduguri -Borno State, Enugu -Enugu State Port Harcourt- Rivers State and 56 business partners in major cities around Nigeria; NTT opened its US subsidiary (NAYO TROPICAL TECHNOLOGY LLC) in the State of Texas in 2016. The company has repositioned itself as a pioneer indigenous manufacturer and distributor of power solutions for domestic, industrial, and telecoms applications. https://www.nayotechnology.com/

About Eos Energy Storage
At Eos, we are on a mission to accelerate clean energy by deploying stationary storage solutions that can help deliver the reliable and cost-competitive power that the market expects in a safe and environmentally sustainable way. Eos has been pursuing this opportunity since 2008 when it was founded. Eos Energy Storage has 10+ years of experience in battery storage testing, development, deployment, and operation. The Eos Aurora® system integrates the Company’s aqueous, zinc battery technology (Znyth®) to provide a safe, scalable, and sustainable alternative to Lithium Ion. https://eosenergystorage.com

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