EDF to work on Augwind’s AirBattery energy storage system in Israel

Augwind Energy, Yakum, Israel, has announced that it has signed an MOU with EDF Renewables Israel, a subsidiary of the global EDF conglomerate, for the two firms to work together on building and operating a 5 MW solar photovoltaic power plant integrated with a 20 MWh Augwind’s storage system – AirBattery. The project will be built as a pioneering facility with a secured PPA from the government’s owned electricity company (Israel Electric Corporation) for 23 years, Saurenergy.com reports.

“Augwind aims for global expansion and a significant presence in the storage market through its groundbreaking technology. The agreement we have signed is an expression of confidence by one of the world’s largest market leaders in energy and is yet another keystone in Augwind’s strategic plan for global expansion and for becoming a leading supplier in the energy storage market worldwide. Within a matter of weeks, Augwind has expanded its circle of partners for installation of the AirBattery energy storage system and is poised to continue the momentum of development into 2021,” said Or Yogev, CEO and founder of Augwind.

Augwind and EDF have agreed to hold the project in equal shares, with EDF being responsible for first securing the land of the project and later for the construction and operation of the photovoltaic facility. Augwind will act as the storage supplier and lead all aspects of engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of the system.

It is estimated that the pioneering facility will be completed within 12-24 months from the date the conditions precedent are met.

“The MOU we have signed is significant milestone both at the global and the local levels – EDF Renewables Israel is a major leader in development and operation of renewable energy assets in the local market since its early days a decade ago. The company own hundreds megawatts of operating solar plants and develops dozens of additional projects the be built in the coming years,” Yogev concluded.

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