DSGT Global: Imperium Motor strengthens supply chain through partnership with NP Power International

DSG Global, Inc., Surrey, Canada, (OTCQB: DSGT) has announced its Imperium Motor Corp. division signed a sales and service distributor agreement with NPPower International, Inc., City of Industry, California, (“NPP”), power supply manufacturer which specializes in high-quality batteries and power banks. It is anticipated that first sales and deliveries of these batteries will occur during the ninety days.

NPP is a power supply manufacturer which specializes in high-quality batteries and power banks and will soon supply Lithium-Ion batteries. Imperium Motors will also be assembling the Lithium-Ion battery packs at their facility in California. The company currently has six large production facilities, including one in California.

“This is a monumental deal for us as this agreement will allow us to be a source of quality customized batteries for our dealers nationwide at a reasonable cost. As mentioned in numerous media outlets the large, expected growth of the U.S. electric vehicle market faces one major roadblock and that is that it is difficult for American automakers to get enough batteries to scale up production. We can help alleviate some of this issue while providing competitive advantages to our dealers,” commented Rick Curtis, President of Imperium Motor Corp.

“Based in Fullerton, California, NPP is just a short drive from our future production facility and will provide just-in-time delivery at no additional cost, shortening our supply line while lessening the risk of overseas shipping delays,” commented Rick Curtis, President of Imperium Motor. “NPP’s wide variety of batteries provides us with a secure source of one of the important components in golf carts, low-speed vehicles, and eventually lithium batteries for the high-speed Terra-E Truck in development as well as other high speed vehicles, at a significant price advantage over other suppliers.”

With the Biden administration pushing for a $174 Billion dollar investment in Electric Vehicle support, there may never be a better time to consider driving an EV. Imperium customers may also apply for the $7,500 Tax Credit program currently available for qualifying High-Speed Electric Vehicle sales of under 200,000 units sold from a single company.

According to research study, the global Lithium Ion Battery Market is expected to reach USD 80 billion by 2026. The global Lithium Ion Battery Market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15% from 2020 to 2027.The global lead acid battery market size is expected to reach $93.04 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 5.9% over the forecast period, according to a new report published by Grand View Research, Inc. Lead acid batteries are expected to witness a significant rise in demand owing to their increasing usage in various industries including oil and gas, nuclear power, electricity generation, gas turbine, hospitality, transport infrastructure, manufacturing, construction, mining, and off-grid renewable. Moreover, advantages associated with these batteries, such as durability, high voltage capability, low-cost, and simple manufacturing processes are expected to increase the demand.

NPP operates an 80,000 square meter facility in California and is ISO9001, ISO14001, CE and UL certified.

About NP Power International, Inc.

NP Power International, Inc. (NPP) is a specialized battery manufacturer with NPP international producing an entire series of lithium and sealed lead-acid batteries, including general type, deep-cycle type, get type, etc. Our total investments add up to more than fifty-million dollars.

NPP focuses on quality control for our products, conducting strict product control every step of the manufacturing process. To ensure further quality control of our products, NPP has acquired an assortment of certifications from a multitude of associations.

NPP is aware of our social responsibility, particularly in regard to environmental protection, energy conservation, emission reduction, and waste reduction, and, from day one, we began to strive to uphold our environmental stewardship of developing sustainability and eco-friendliness.

NPP strives for the ultimate customer experience, pushing forward to achieve technical innovation, flawless quality control, and the ability to satisfy international diverse demands.

NP Power international Inc. attaches great attention to product quality control, from raw materials to finished products are strict quality checks to ensure that achieve high standards of quality and performance of each battery factory. Product certification complete, have passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, ISO14001 international environmental management system certification and the International Occupational Safety and Health Management System OHSAS18001 certification.

We have also adopted the British IEC International Electrotechnical Commission certification, UL certification, CE certification, Russia, China Gentile certification, and Golden Sun certification.

About DSG Global

DSG Global is an emerging global technology company with an array of interconnecting businesses in some of the fastest growing market sectors. With roots in the golf industry in which it specializes in fleet management with patented analytics, mobile touch screen engagement and electric golf carts under the Vantage Tag Systems (VTS) brand, the company is moving quickly with road-ready electric vehicles for sale in the first quarter of 2021 through its Imperium Motor Company subsidiary.

About Vantage Tag Systems

Vantage Tag Systems (VTS) provides patented electronic tracking systems and fleet management solutions to golf courses and other avenues that allow for remote management of the course’s fleet of golf carts, turf equipment and utility vehicles. Its clients use VTS’s unique technology to significantly reduce operational costs, improve the efficiency plus profitability of their fleet operations, increase safety, and enhance customer satisfaction. VTS has grown to become a leader in the category of Fleet Management in the golf industry, with their technology installed in over vehicles worldwide. VTS is now branching into several new streams of revenue, through programmatic advertising, licensing, and distribution, as well as expanding into Commercial Fleet Management, PACER single rider golf carts, and Agricultural applications.

About Imperium Motor Company

Imperium Motor Company (IMC) is an EV sales and marketing company that offers a wide variety of affordable vehicles equipped for the North American market with emphasis on great design, a green mindset, performance, and functionality. Vehicles will include high speed, mid-speed, and low speed electric vehicles including cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, buses, and scooters.

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