Dayco partners with Nuvera to offer comprehensive fuel cell vehicle

Dayco, a leading engine products and drive systems manufacturer for the automotive, heavy-duty, and industrial market segments, has entered a strategic partnership with Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC, a manufacturer of heavy-duty, zero-emission fuel cell engines for on- and off-road mobility and other applications.

This association brings together the best of both companies’ capabilities to design and develop advanced fully integrated fuel cell solutions for a wide range of commercial vehicles, stationary, industrial, and mobile applications.

Together, Dayco and Nuvera are developing integrated fuel cell electric power solutions for a sustainable and clean future. Nuvera’s patented controls and flexible applications architecture for fuel cells along with Dayco’s long-standing capabilities in propulsion system
technologies will improve system performance, robustness, and
reliability with high-quality assurance and scalability.

Dayco’s energy control management and integration competencies
coupled with Nuvera’s decades of experience in fuel cell technologies
will allow us to provide a highly optimized and efficient full zero-emission integrated fuel cell power system for commercial vehicles, industrial, material handling, and off-highway applications with
best-in-class performance and durability,” stated Wouter Nijenhuis,
Executive Vice President of OE Sales and Business Development at Dayco.

Compliant with global emission reduction regulations and trends, Dayco
acts as a Tier 1 supplier and vehicle integrator to provide optimal
vehicle performance and energy management. Dayco’s unique offerings
provide advanced zero-emission propulsion solutions built around
Nuvera’s eighth-generation fuel cell stack technology, integrated into
a power system with balance-of-plant components and embedded controls.

“With ever-tightening regulations in the US, Europe, and Asia, there is
a critical need for zero-emissions power solutions for commercial
vehicles in trucking, public transit, and many off-road sectors that
meet highly demanding performance requirements. Nuvera’s commercially available fuel cell packages deliver high efficiency, reliability, and durability,” said Lucien Robroek, CEO of Nuvera. “Coupled with Dayco’s engineering services and automotive componentry, we are providing our customers a direct path to adoption of fuel cell-powered vehicles and machinery.

Fuel cell electric vehicles are the future of the world and are strong
contenders to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, providing
comparable range and refuelling time along with the simplicity of
electric drivetrains. Dayco and Nuvera with their unmatched technological advancements are committed to delivering sustainable
integrated fuel cell system solutions for off-highway, heavy-duty and
light-duty applications across the globe.

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