Cratos Equipment announces expanded line of battery-powered demolition equipment

Cratos Equipment, a leading provider of battery-powered demolition equipment,  has expanded its line to include six essential pieces of equipment: a battery-powered skid-steer, battery-powered excavator, battery-powered dumper, battery-powered skid-steer, battery-powered dumper, and battery-powered wheelbarrow.

The US & Canada based company says that the expansion of its battery-powered equipment is designed to provide customers with a full range of demolition capabilities while reducing emissions and noise levels.

We are very excited to offer our customers an expanded line of battery-powered demolition equipment,” said McKinnon Mitchell, Marketing Director for Cratos Equipment. “This new line of equipment is safer to operate, more efficient, and environmentally friendly. It’s now a fact that battery-powered demolition equipment is a growing market, and we are committed to being the leading provider.

Cratos Equipment’s machine, the 2Speed battery-powered skid-steer, for instance, is powered by a 360-Ampere-hour battery capable of running for up to eight hours on a single charge. The machine has a width of 31 inches, making it able to fit through a standard-sized door.

Battery-powered equipment is safer to operate due to no emissions, lower decibels, and helps operators complete jobs faster,” said McKinnon. “At a time when many companies are looking for ways to increase profits, our expanded line of battery-powered demolition equipment is the perfect solution.

Cratos Equipment has been providing battery-powered equipment since 2014 and has been one of the top fastest-growing companies for years, making the INC 5000 list three times.

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