Coop to operate battery electric Scania truck in Denmark

Denmark’s largest retail company Coop Danmark, Albertslund, will deploy a battery electric Scania truck in its city distribution operations. This is the latest example of Scania’s co-development of sustainable transport solutions with progressive customers.

The adoption of heavy vehicles that operate on renewable biofuels and hybrid electric solutions has positioned Denmark as one of the more progressive countries in sustainable transport. Now, fully electric battery powered vehicles are also entering. The Scania truck, with an estimated range of up to 140 km, is planned to go into Coop’s operations in the first quarter of 2021. The range can be extended with fast charging opportunities, for example while loading or unloading goods.

“The green transition in the transport sector is going too slowly,” says Nicolaj Boysen, Logistics Director at Coop Danmark. “We have therefore chosen to take the lead ourselves to boost development and show that it is feasible.”

With carbon emission free operations and virtually no noise pollution with the silent electric drive, the battery electric trucks are ideal in city distribution. A prerequisite for well-to-wheel emission free operations is that the electricity is sourced from non-fossil energy, which is broadly available in Denmark.

“Scania continues to invest in and develop electrified solutions and we are beginning to reach the tipping point where electrified solutions for heavy commercial transport is a sound stand-alone investment for our customers. Coop’s sustainability aims match ours and we look forward to close cooperation as we together take these steps in electrification,” says Anton Freiesleben, Sales Director at Scania in Denmark.

Scania’s official launch of its battery electric trucks will take place later in 2020. The company already produces battery electric buses and hybrid electric trucks and buses in addition to its broad range of vehicles that run on renewable biofuels.


  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 20 tonnes (Extra chassis weight is compensated by Danish Government regulation allowing up to 2 tonnes higher total weight for BEV)
  • Configuration: 4×2
  • Powertrain: 230 kW electric machine / 290 kW peak power, 2-speed transmission, 2150 Nm peak torque
  • Energy storage: Li-ion batteries, 135 kWh usable energy
  • Charging: Max power 130 kW DC (CCS)
  • Range: Up to 140 km (depending on assignment/operation)
  • Electric PTO: 50 kW
  • L-cab Scania city cab with kneeling and city safe window
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