Continental and VARTA develop a powerful battery for electric two-wheelers

Continental‘s development and production service provider, Continental Engineering Services GmbH (CES), Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is cooperating with the battery specialist VARTA AG, Ellwangen, Germany. The aim of the partnership is to develop new technologies and products that particularly lead to advances in sustainable solutions in the field of electro mobility. In a first pilot project, both partners have jointly developed an innovative product for the two-wheeler market: a replaceable 48-volt battery pack for electrically powered two-wheelers with a power of 10 kW and more. Such vehicles are comparable in engine power and top speed with conventionally powered scooters from 125 cc engine displacement. The battery pack consists of VARTA’s V4Drive high-performance cell based on lithium-ion technology, which is characterized by its high performance, fast chargeability, low-temperature resistance and compact design. A specially developed battery management system from CES now allows the use of this extremely powerful battery cell in automotive two-wheeler applications. The special feature: The lightweight (nine kg) battery pack gives a range of 50 kilometers and power of 10 kW. It can be detached from the two-wheeler with a simple pull and charged externally. In addition, any number of battery packs can be connected and controlled via the new battery management systems. As a result the range of an e-scooter can be doubled to 100 kilometers by using two batteries.

This innovative technology closes a gap in the rapidly growing market for battery-powered vehicles. Current commercially available e-scooters (mostly comparable with conventional 50 cc scooters) have little appeal to commuters due to their limited top speed. More powerful electric two-wheelers, on the other hand, have so far always had a built-in battery, which in principle requires a separate parking space with charging facility. “Continental Engineering Services and VARTA have jointly developed an attractive solution for commuters without their own parking space,” says Alex Rupprecht, Director Business Segment Driveline & Electrification at CES. “The 48-volt swappable battery based on the revolutionary V4Drive cell paired with our innovative battery management system enables the breakthrough of electric mobility for a long range commute on two wheels. The battery system has a high power density, meets the automotive standards in its performance class and can easily be removed from the scooter and charged quickly. This is an ideal solution for commuters who don’t have a charging opportunity at their parking space.”

The new, powerful battery solution can revolutionize two-wheeler traffic
Intelligent battery solutions are the key to the success of electromobility. This is because the shift away from conventional propulsion technologies to sustainable drive variants requires one thing above all: Powerful and robust battery systems. “Properties such as high energy density, fast charging capability and flexibility in the design of our cylindrical V4Drive cell are decisive for progress in electro mobility,” explains Gordon Clements, General Manager at VARTA Solutions. “In addition, intelligent battery management is important for getting full performance from battery solutions. At Continental Engineering Services, we have a perfect partner which brings proven automotive cutting-edge technology to our knowledge of battery and storage solutions. In this way, we will continue to develop technologies together that offer great added value to people and, last but not least, to the environment.” The easily replaceable and quickly chargeable battery solution for high-performance electric scooters offers all the advantages that users expect from an urban and environmentally friendly two-wheeler.

This cooperation between two major established corporations now makes this technological leap possible. In a context of increasingly scarce fossil fuels and their impact on the climate, CES and VARTA want to use this partnership to promote low-emission, particularly robust and economical drive alternatives. VARTA is one of the leading technology companies for batteries and energy storage units. In turn, Continental Engineering Services offers extensive know-how in the development of technologies and components for battery-powered electric vehicles. Backed by the complete Continental automotive and two-wheeler portfolio, CES as a wholly owned subsidiary is in a position to develop innovative, pragmatic and, not least, cost-attractive solutions particularly quickly. Components and system development already tested in large-scale production can be customized and further developed with precision. For example, the new battery system for two-wheeled electric vehicles was also realized in just half a year, from the first idea to fully functional prototypes.

About Continental AG

Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent, and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation. In 2020, Continental generated sales of €37.7 billion and currently employs around 233,000 people in 58 countries and markets. In 2021, the company celebrates its 150th anniversary.

About Continental Engineering Services GmbH
Founded in 2006 as fully-owned subsidiary of Continental, Continental Engineering Services (CES) has evolved into an agile and flexible engineering services and component manufacturing partner for the automotive and other industries including railway, aeronautics, marine, mining and smart cities. With 2,000 employees worldwide, the company reaches its customers through a network of engineering locations across Europe, North America, and Asia.

VARTA AG produces and markets a comprehensive battery portfolio from micro batteries, household batteries, energy storage systems to customer-specific battery solutions for a variety of applications and, as a technology leader, sets industry standards in important areas. As the parent company of the group, it operates in the business segments “Lithium-Ion Solutions & Microbatteries” and “Household Batteries”.
The “Lithium-Ion Solutions & Microbatteries” segment focuses on microbatteries, lithium-ion coin power, lithium-ion round cells (lithium-ion large cells) and the lithium-ion battery pack business. Through intensive research and development, VARTA sets global standards in many areas of lithium-ion technology and microbatteries, making it a recognized innovation leader in the important growth markets of lithium-ion technology and in primary hearing aid batteries. The “Household Batteries” segment comprises the battery business for end customers, including household batteries, accumulators, chargers, portable power (power banks) and lights as well as energy storage devices.
The VARTA AG Group currently employs almost 4,800 people. With five production and manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia as well as sales centers in Asia, Europe and the USA, the operating subsidiaries of VARTA AG are currently active in over 75 countries around the world.

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