COBRA choses Millor Battery to manufacture first cobalt-free batteries in Europe

The European consortium COBRA for the development of cobalt-free batteries has chosen the Spanish manufacturer MILLOR BATTERY, Barcelona, for the production of its first cobalt-free batteries for electric cars.

The COBRA consortium (CObalt-free Batteries for FutuRe Automotive Applications) aims to develop a new cobalt-free lithium-ion battery technology. The project has been underway for a year and now the consortium has chosen MILLOR BATTERY for the manufacture of prototypes and the first batteries.

The European consortium COBRA and MILLOR BATTERY seek to achieve a significant reduction in the proportion of critical raw materials of batteries without compromising both energy and energy performance. Among these raw materials is cobalt, an expensive, scarce and not found in Europe.

The first functional prototypes will be ready in early 2022 and the results of the project will be made public by the consortium by the end of 2023.

Baltasar López, founder and CEO of MILLOR BATTERY: “We are very proud that the COBRA consortium and IREC have relied on MILLOR BATTERY for such a strategic collaboration. From our origins we are fully committed to the scientific, technological and industrial development of batteries in Europe.”

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