China’s BYD to equip all its EVs with in-house batteries

BYD wants to offer other EV makers its new battery, developed by subsidiary FinDreams Battery. (Photo by Takashi Kawakami)

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD said on Wednesday it will equip all of its vehicles with a newly developed battery in a move aimed at expanding its battery business, reports.

The company claims the new battery has improved safety and performance. BYD had previously installed the battery on only a few models. In addition to the four EVs BYD launched on Wednesday, the automaker will gradually replace batteries of existing models with the latest version.

BYD will widen introduction of the lithium-ion battery that was developed by its subsidiary FinDreams Battery Company. Thanks to use of lithium iron phosphate, the Blade Battery enables a maximum range of 600 km and is smaller than conventional batteries, according to the company.

The Chinese EV maker will offer the new battery to other companies. BYD already started supplying state-owned China FAW Group with the battery for its flagship model Hongqi.

“We are negotiating with every automaker [inside and outside China] to supply the Blade Battery,” said Chairman Wang Chuanfu in a Wednesday news conference.

Chuanfu also played a video showing a truck loaded with nearly 50 tons stepping on the battery but did not break it. “EVs will not be trusted unless the safety of the battery is ensured,” added Chuanfu, stressing the safety of BYD’s new battery.

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