ChargerHelp! partners with Tesla to support reliability at battery charging stations

Improved reliability of charging stations is essential to bolstering electric vehicle adoption. Despite leading the industry in customer satisfaction and reliability, Tesla is deeply invested in customer experience and is working with ChargerHelp! to continually improve reliability and consumer confidence in charging access.

ChargerHelp!, founded in 2020, has emerged as a trusted brand for boosting confidence among electric vehicle (EV) owners. Among its solutions to range anxiety is an expansive trained workforce capable of repairing and troubleshooting charging stations and a service that allows for unlimited truck rolls at a fixed monthly price per EV charging station. The latter is called Reliability as a Service (RaaS).

Trusting that a charging station will work and knowing that if there is an issue it will be fixed in a timely manner is essential to EV drivers and paramount to the success of the industry,” said Kameale C. Terry, ChargerHelp! Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer.

As part of the partnership with Tesla, ChargerHelp! will survey Tesla Destination Charging Network stations in California to provide critical data points and insights pertaining to the station’s overall performance. Tesla’s Destination Charging Network, at over 35,000 locations, partners with hotels, restaurants, and resorts to provide EV charging as an amenity to customers.

ChargerHelp! has become a trusted service provider in the EV industry because of its ability to offer technology solutions that bolster EV consumer confidence. It has also emerged as a trusted partner because of its ability to consistently deploy a trained workforce to meet growing demand in the industry.

Our technology and the importance of meeting the EV customers’ needs has heightened the demand for a skilled and developed workforce,” said Evette Ellis, ChargerHelp! Co-Founder & Chief Workforce Officer. “ChargerHelp! is overcoming the existing skills gap by recruiting quality, underutilized, reliable, high-performing professionals.

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