CATL announces a new battery with 620+ miles of range and fast charging

CATL, one of the world’s biggest battery maker, has announced that it will start producing a new electric-car battery with 620+miles (1000+ kilometers). The EV battery will enter production in 2023 and has been officially named The Qilin battery.

The Qilin is deemed 50% more efficient than the battery that is currently used in the Tesla Model S. Against the 620+ miles range of The Qilin, Tesla’s longest-range electric car Tesla Model S only offers a range of 405 miles. In the United States, the longest-range electric car available is the 169,000$ Lucid Air. Lucid Air is a California-based startup and offers an EV that can travel 520 miles per charge.

The Qilin packs a lot of energy into a small space, according to CATL, the largest EV battery producer in the world and a Tesla supplier. This is possible because of breakthroughs in battery chemistry and packaging. According to CATL, the battery has a 255 watt-hour energy density per kilogram and it will be 13% more powerful than the configuration Tesla recently began utilizing for its Model Y SUVs, which is 4680 batteries.

If a vehicle is equipped with adequate batteries, it can go great distances. And making sure that batteries don’t take up too much room or weigh too much is the difficult part.

Additionally, CATL also claimed that The Qilin can charge from 10% to 80% in 10 minutes, making it leagues apart from anything that the market has to offer. However, the real statistics will only be determined when the battery is rolled out in the market and the EVs using The Qilin are on the road.

There has been no official word as to which US electric carmakers will be interested in implementing The Qilin into the cars. Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports that two Chinese manufacturers of electric cars, Hozon and Li Auto, have so far committed to using the Qilin pack in upcoming models.


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